Parents are welcome to observe classes. 

Prospective students may take 1 trial class.

The Ridgefield School of Dance consults the Ridgefield Public School schedule for class cancellations. We reserve the option to have classes based on weather conditions. If we close due to poor weather conditions, we will make every attempt to reschedule cancelled classes. For additional postings regarding the school, go to the News page. See Schedule & School Calendar page for the class and annual schedules.

Dancers should arrive at the studio with enough time to dress and be ready to start on time.   If you will be absent from class, please notify the office by calling 203.894.5957 or emailing alison@theridgefieldschoolofdance.com

Classes missed due to illness or other conflicts may be made-up by taking another scheduled class at the same or lower level within the term they were missed, or at other times with permission of the faculty.  Make-up classes in another discipline are allowed and encouraged.  There will be no refund or credit for missed classes.  

There are no refunds for voluntary withdrawal from classes after the 2nd week of each session unless it is for a medical reason with a doctor’s note.

The school reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment and to close a class when it has reached capacity.

General information not requiring immediate action will be emailed to you.  In cases requiring immediate notification, we will email and follow through with a text - please make sure we have your correct contact information. You may contact us at info@theridgefieldschoolofdance.com.

Dress Code

Hair must be secured up off the face when taking class. Dancers in Ballet 2 and up must wear their hair in a neat bun. Short hair should be secured away from the face with a headband and barrettes.

No jewlery (including braided wrist and ankle bands, watches or rings) may be worn in class.

There is to be no gum chewed or food eaten in the dance studio or during class.

Leotard colors with light pink tights and pink ballet slippers.  Ballet slippers must have elastic and ribbons sewn on.  Leather split-sole ballet slippers are required for dancers ballet 4 and up.

We recommend Freeds, Studio Freeds pointe shoes for the beginning pointe dancer, or Russian Pointes or Grishko. Pointe shoes need to be secured with both ribbons and elastic. It is recommended that students show their pointe shoes to the artistic director before sewing on ribbons and elastics

Leotard colors:
Pre-ballet Bloch Girls Essential short sleeve leotard - light pink - no attached skirts or tutus - removable skirts OK
Ballet 1 Bloch Girls Essential Camisole Leotard - Light Pink - no attached skirts or tutus
Ballet 2 Bloch Girls Essential Camisole Leotard - Lavender - no attached skirts or tutus
Ballet 3 Bloch Girls Essential Camisole Leotard - Light Blue
Ballet 4 Bloch Child Thin Strap Camisole Leo or Adults Essential camisole leotard - Berry
Ballet 5 Bloch Adult or Girls Essential Camisole Leotard - Aubergine
Apprentice Company, :
-Black leo of choice for technique classes
-Black Bloch Adult. Essential camisole leo for Wednesday class w/ Miss Jess
Company/Ballet 7: Black leotard of choice.

Tee shirt, black tights, white socks, white ballet slippers.

Any style black leotard, tan stirrup or footless tights, jazz shorts optional. Tan jazz shoes.  
Hair - Lyrical - in a bun.
Jazz & Musical Theatre - hair in a high ponytail.

Leotards, tights and/or fitted jazz shorts. Black lace-up, hard or medium-hard sole tap shoes

FOR PERFORMANCES,  ballet dancers level 3 and up must wear Bodywrappers convertible tights in Ballet Pink #C45 (Child) or A45 (adult).  All female Jazz Department dancers must wear Bodywrappers stirrup tights #C32 (child) or #A32 (adult) in Jazzy Tan - available at the studio,  on-line and at Joy of Movement in Ridgefield.

No street shoes are allowed in the studio - the outdoor grit damages the floor and may injure feet.
There is to be no gum chewed or food eaten in the dance studio or during class. Cell phones are not allowed in the studio during class.