The Ridgefield School of Dance game me a second family! I've never been closer to a group of people than those i met through dance. I'm so thankful for Miss Nancy and Miss Alison. Beautiful people all around!
- Anneke S. Ridgefield School of Dance dancer 2002 - 2017


I started dancing at The Ridgefield School of Dance in 1998 and continued until I graduated high school in 2009; I certainly saw a lot of growth at the school with it's start in the basement of Jesse Leigh, to it's 1st "real" studio on Main Street, and to it's current home on Grove Street. I made great friends through dance class and have countless happy memories filled with laughter at the studio. I was at the school when Mrs. Baldwin first started the Ballet Company and we would perform excerpts from the Nutcracker at different nursing homes in the area. One performance sticks out in particular where we were in the middle of Waltz of the Snowflakes when the music stopped and, not missing a beat, Mrs. B sang/hummed the rest of the song from the back of the room (the show must go on!)! Luckily I think we got the music working again for the rest of the performance :). These holiday performances were just one of the many ways Mrs. B spread the joy of dance through our community. I'm so happy to see the school continuing to do well and am incredibly proud to see what beautiful dancers all the girls have turned into!

Callie K., Ridgefield School of Dance dancer 1998-2009


My favorite memories at the studio are acting out fun parts in ballets with my best friends!

Sofia G.
Company member, dancing with The Ridgefield School of Dance since 2008


I joined The Ridgefield School of Dance faculty 14 years ago, and while I have many favorite memories, there is one that immediately springs to mind. A few years ago, I was sitting in my office when in walked a very young pre-ballerina in her pink leotard, tights and ballet slippers.  She saw a pair of pointe shoes on the floor next to me, and within a split-second she had her little slippered feet tucked inside the much larger pointe shoes.  I grabbed my camera and took a must-have photo - little did I know that this would become the image behind the "Start Small, Dream Big" campaign and the photo now hangs in my office. 

Alison Brown
Executive Director